Responsive HTML5 and Javascript User guide

Posted on 06/13/2017 2:59 by Novi Sonko

The requirements for the creation of this Responsive HTML5 and Javascript User guide was to produce an online user guide that will hep user understand how to use KnowledgePoint and thus improve user experience.

KnowledgePoint is an electronic repository of Questions and Answers from humanitarian and international development actors and experts hosted at

Since its launch in 2012, KnowledgePoint has provided a unique and innovative service for aid workers around the world.

As a Knowledge Management System, KnowledgePoint is concerned with codifying, storing and sharing the expertise and wisdom available
in various humanitarian and international development sector organisations.

KnowledgePoint also features communities of practice since
members with a specific interest can use dedicated spaces to share knowledge and support each other.

KnowledgePoint was created with the following aims:

– To offer a high quality, widely used service for the response to technical enquiries from humanitarian and international development actors.

– To combine collective technical expertise and resources by collaborating with others.

– To provide the best possible solution to a problem through diverse channels and a large database of questions and answers.

– To provide a tool which supports, stimulates and enhances collaboration.

This user guide was created by Novi Sonko, Senior Consultant at Sonkotek Systems, as part of a consultancy contract at