What is SEO and why should you care?

Posted on 09/28/2018 10:51 by Sonkotek Systems

SEO optimization success

Search engine optimization or SEO is an array of techniques designed to improve search engine ranking or the position of your website on search engine pages.

When you search for Web pages on a search engine like Google, Bing or any other search engine with a funny name, there are often millions of results for a set of keywords. Most web users only lookup a few pages of results.

For instance if you own an eCommerce website that sells Cute Teddy Bears and it appears at the 999th position when a user searches for ‘the cutest teddy bear’, it is unlikely that this potential visitor will check all results up to page 50 – provided there are 20 results per page.

The only obvious reason for checking all the results up to page 50 would be that the potential visitor is in fact a software program or bot, and it wants to add your website to yet another list where you may be at the 999th position.

SEO covers techniques that help improve your websites’s search engine ranking for keywords that you care about, in other words, keywords that help you reach your business goals.

When a potential vistor types a combination of those keywords, your search engine optimization efforts should help your website appear in pole position: the top of the list on page 1.

To resume: the whole point of SEO is to make your website the Lewis Hamilton of search Engine results for Cute Teddy Bears.

Now, how do you achieve that? How do you become a world beater in search results ranking for any popular keywords you fancy? It’s hard work but not rocket science.

Be prepared to work on your SEO for the rest of your life because there is no such thing as overnight Search Engine Optimization success; most probably you will see your website’s SEO ranking improve gradually over a long period of time. SEO requires the patience of a gardener and the resilience of a vengeful Kung Fu apprentice.

Think about it: if SEO was easy and there was a one fits all recipe for SEO success then any website using SEO techniques would be on the first page of page rankings for a popular keyword; which is not possible considering the size of the Worldwide Web.

Here are some of the best SEO tips to improve your website search engine ranking:

– Your SEO optimized website should give a clear picture of your business: mission, goals, products and services.
– Your SEO efforts should relate to SMART goals: Simple, Measurable,Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. Your goals must be tangible and measurable events that take place on your website like:

— Have a potential customer ask for information about your product or service
— Increase your all-time highest the number of visitors per day
— Sell a product or a service
— An increase in the number of emails received every week
— Increase you all-time highest subscriptions to your newsletter in a day
— Increase your average number of new followers per week on Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

Content is king and queen of the SEO world: make good content and let the world find it; but even better make good content for your target market and let the market find you.

Your website content must be relevant to the people you want to attract to your website and it must give them incentives to buy your products or services –if you are into making money online. This also applies if you simply want more visitors to read your awesome content.

Knowing and understanding your target market are some of the most important rules in marketing –-so important that failure will likely teach a hard lesson to those who diregard these rules.

Do you remember the old saying “You can force a horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink unless you keep it there for a long time”? In the context of Search Engine Optimization it means that you can have high website traffic, yet fail to achieve your goal if your website is not converting enough visitors into customers. SEO is not about increasing traffic but increasing traffic of the right kind, qualified and relevant traffic that will increase your revenue or your customer base.

Do not apply every SEO rule in the book, in over word do not overdo it! SEO should be specific and relevant to your website or business’ identity and goals.