The challenges of producing reports in project management

Posted on 06/4/2017 10:01 by Novi Sonko

Web report - bar chart

In project management, information about changes achieved and performance is communicated through periodic reports made in the following various formats: text, line charts, pie charts and tables of information.

Among issues relevant to the presentation of regular management reports, the most notable are:

– How to produce time-consuming reports tailored to various stakeholders and to remove information that should not be shared with particular groups of stakeholders.

– Reducing human errors when producing reports and verifying the reliability of reports.

– How to track a project performance over short periods of time (hours, days or weeks) without using too much of the project’s resources for the production of these reports.

– How to analyse and compile large quantities of data gathered through surveys and electronic calculators or meters.

– How to disseminate information over large geographical areas.

– How to present geographical data using maps.

– How to link numeric and textual data with pictures or maps.