Is eCommerce as a service the best solution for your online store?

Posted on 09/27/2018 11:23 by Sonkotek Systems

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Online stores are increasingly being run with a Software As a Service model or SaaS. Saas eCommerce providers provide the infrastructure and services that enable an online store to run so the merchant or store owner can focus more resources on building their business.

Why are eCommerce stores built on open sources software like WordPress and Woocommerce, PrestaShop and Magento losing market share to Cloud based services like Shopify and Wix stores?

Because Cloud based services eCommerce solutions provide key-in-hand online stores that require little or no software development time and server management.

It is obvious that most small eCommerce businesses would rather not have to micromanage every aspect of their technology platform like connecting the shopping cart to the Paypal API or updating the server with the latest version of NodeJs or PHP. They would rather focus their resources on sales and marketing, providing the best customer service or a better consumer experience.

This explains the rapid growth of Cloud based eCommerce platform solutions and the replacement of complex on-premise or self-hosted eCommerce shopping carts.

SaaS eCommerce solutions have the advantage of being easily extensible and cheaper to manage owing to the cost of a world class infrastructure and technical support being shared among millions of users.

For entrepreneurs with a tiny budget and even smaller Web development skills, all-in-one eCommerce as a Service solutions offers the possibility to launch a professional store for less than $20 US- yes, that’s right!

A Shopify or Wix store with a premium theme may look like it was made by a top digital agency while it comes without the subsequent cost of maintaining the software stack – keeping middleware services up to date, upgrading the server or that new API integration with Amazon.

In the context of eCommerce applications we should call SaaS eCommerce simply eCommerce as a Service (EaS)-it’s much EaSier to say.

As Internet traffic bandwith and data storage become cheaper the option of outsourcing the maintenance of a software solution to those who have the best knowledge and resources to maintain it becomes too attractive to resist.

Businesses that opt for a SaaS solution often spend a fraction of the cost of a team of software engineers.

For instance, our multichannel store synchronisation service can cost as little as $59 per month –SyncBoard helps you synchronize the the stock level of thousands of items across stores and marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or Google Shopping.

Some of the advantages of eCommerce as a Service are:

– Extensible: to scale up your operations simply sign up for a package that gives you more features

– Lower costs: no need to invest into expensive hardware, training employees or a jacuzzi to attract the best software engineers.

– Flexible: it is easier to adapt to new trends when you simply need to sign up for a new feature or have a new app installed to integrate a new functionality.

– Reliability: an infrastructure and technology stack used by millions of people at the same time means that problems are found and fixed faster. You never have to deal with that software bug you think you are the only one to have ever seen and that only shows up on your screen when you are tired.

– High performance at a a low price: you get to run your store on world class infrastructure without the cost of expensive dedicated servers.

Do you need help with migrating your existing self-hosted online store to a Saas platform like Shopify or Wix?

We will help you make the transition from transferring the database to building a modern storefront that reflects your brand and value proposition.