How the Internet of Things will improve Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Posted on 06/4/2017 10:41 by Novi Sonko

Internet of things IoT project monitoring evaluation

An important feature of a good M&E system which can be implemented in a software system connected to mobile applications is to share information with project stakeholders in real time.

Another important feature of a good M&E system is to contribute to the development of new policies and strategies. As Lopez-Acevedo (2012) states:
“Most would agree that a successful M&E system is one where good-quality performance
information and evaluation findings are produced and are used intensively at one or more
stages of the policy cycle”.

While providing reports can help project managers and senior policy makers be better informed about performance and the effects of implementing a project, the process of analysing results could also benefit from the use of artificial intelligence to analyse large data sets created in real time.

In the future, Project Monitoring and Evaluation will also certainly benefit from the Internet of Things to collect a large amount of detailed information with the use of remote sensors. Artificial intelligence capabilities will then help analyse these large data sets to provide better insight into a project performance in real time.