Budget Monitoring System for East and Southern Africa for Save The Children International

Posted on 11/4/2017 3:37 by Novi Sonko

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In order to collect regular data on the resources allocated towards essential services for children, a Regional Framework for Capturing and Collecting Budget Data was created. This system produces reports and helps measure fairness in the distribution of public resources.


The objectives of this assignment were:
1. To produce the requirements and design documents of the Web based
Management Information System.
2. To create a Web based Management Information System to collect, compile and
present financial data on provision of essential services to children.
3. To provide a technical documentation for the system.
4. To deploy the Web based Management Information System on a secure cloud
5. To offer adequate technical and maintenance services.


Analysis of revenue and expenditure is done by associating revenue and expenditure with a taxonomy (classification).
For instance a revenue amount can be associated with a taxonomy of type “gender” and value “women”. We can then add up all revenue for a period associated with this taxonomy to compute revenue allocated to women.