We develop software solutions
to better manage information
and trade online

We guide you through the challenges of executing a successful software development project,
from discovery and requirements analysis to implementation and maintenance.

No need to worry about when and where your software solution will run.
You can forget about having to find your way around a new Wehosting dashboard
or restarting the Nginx service to load that new configuration...
We offer Cloud Web hosting and technical support services so you can focus on your core activities.

Our apps

BoostLane Social Shopping and eCommerce services

Boostlane Media

Boostlane is a media platform where people can collect their favorite media into a virtual library and share their discoveries with friends.

We have designed Boostlane to support content creators and influencers.

As a discovery platform, Boostlane helps nurture interest into new products and services across various demographics.

Our Services

Bespoke Software Development

We love being innovative and building useful software for better information management, more efficient business operations and successful project implementations. Let's build software solutions that boost your earnings.

eCommerce Services

We build Shopify, Wix and WooCommerce stores. We connect online stores and marketplaces using Web services, API integrations, and smart applications. Our eCommerce apps help you sell on the best platforms, manage your inventory across multiple channels, produce reports and more.

Saas, Managed Cloud Web hosting, Cloud server management and database administration

Our Webhosting, Support and Maintenance services include our Cloud based applications, Cloud webhosting services and technical support to run your applications. You can focus on the big picture while we keep your software applications live and secure.

Digital technology consultancy

We help you research, manage and make the right decisions to plan, execute and promote your digital technology projects.

Data is a hot commodity and we know all about the many ways to collect, analyse and deliver data into useful information.

About Us

Sonkotek builds custom software and provides Software As A Service (SaaS) solutions for eManagement and eCommerce. Software as a Service applications are software applications hosted and maintained by a software service provider; they offer among other benefits lower costs, more flexibility when replacing a service and greater scalability.
eManagement is the practice of using Software and the Internet to manage people, organisations and projects. eManagement is used by businesses, NGOs and government departments to make traditional management processes more efficient.
eCommerce is the practice of using Software and the Internet to sell products and services. eCommerce is used by Solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, NGOs and multinationals to sell products and services around the world.
We help our clients improve their business processes and achieve better results with innovative digital technology tools and solutions.

We do more for your projects than a team of app developers selling you the best software development services or a top webhosting service. As Information Technology consultants we also help our clients develop and manage strategies to achieve better results at a suitable cost.

We use Agile methodologies to take your feedback into account at every stage of project development because a successful result is a result that works for you.

Whether you are in New York, London, Paris, Nairobi or Singapore, the first step is to contact us and tell us about your idea or the problem you would like to solve.

We are results oriented and love to work with goals, benchmarks, indicators and professional standards to measure success using scientific methods.

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Tell us about your idea or about the problem you would like to solve

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E: hello@sonkotek.com

United Kingdom
T: +44 203 290 31 04